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so right now is my first time drinking honestly
i see whgy people do this now
and i see why its so hard to drink and drive in grand thesft auto
feeling the way i do right now i would never try driving home
and it gets alot easier to drink whiskey while your drunk!!!
also alot should be a word instead of having to write to words (a lot)
im also probably not that drunk considering im not really misspelling alot of words
i just punched my slef in the facxe and didnt feel anything
and why cant rustle crow fucking pronounce Kanye right!!!!!

i need lyrics for this song

2010-12-21 21:40:31 by didly12

its from punk o matic so here is the song

(bring it up back down)-pcY-ccY-fbw-gbu-gbt-gbt-gbv-gbv-
gbv-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z,-Ipf-cpg-cpj-cpi-cpf -cpg-cpj-cpi-cpf-cpg-cpf-cpi-cpf-cpg-c pj-cpi-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-F,-hhe-ghe-gbK-zfF-
Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-x,hD-ghD-ghD-gcz-bgh-cgi -cgj-cgj-cgm-cgm-cgm-cgm-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z -t

but if you get a chance just listen to it and tell me what you think and if you can come up with some words for it tht would be great :D


2010-10-18 19:55:24 by didly12

the act of haveing sex with a dead baby animal tell me your views on this

collab need animaters and music

2010-07-16 19:12:14 by didly12

animatoins are needed of parkor or free running fast passed music is also needed if you would like more info or want to contribute plz contact me

new flash

2010-07-04 04:32:03 by didly12

im starting up a flash about two stick figures fighting over a red bag. mostly parkor exposoins and broken glass. the idea to do this started when i made a flipnote on my dsi and all my freinds said tht it was really cool. after that i decided to try and put it on newgrounds but my dsi dosnt let me put those on here so i am now in the proces of animating it. im onley like 11 frames in and heres a link to what i got so far so leave a coment of how you think it will turn out

the return of futerrama

2010-06-24 22:01:04 by didly12

hypnotoad says stop reading this and wach it on comedy central

theory on univers and life

2010-05-27 19:57:48 by didly12

look at an atom what do they look like to you. maby a solar system now thinking about it those electrons could be planets and the nucleus is the sun now ther are many of these in tour body your bodey could technecly be an intire univers. now lets move over to germs and bactirea, some of these can survive in virtully any area even the vacume of space. now when we send a rover to mars after milloins of years they could possibly evolve into humans and animals by this time were probably dead and there more than likly going to do the same thing and so it sycals back and forth.

woo hoo 2nd place

2010-05-16 01:36:25 by didly12

at cheeburger cheeburger i ate the pounder in just over 2 min in this contest the winer did it in 1min 56 sec the bad part is i invited the winer to do it with me

cheeburger cheeburger

2010-04-24 18:00:44 by didly12

for those who arnt familer with the franchis hers a breif descriptoin of the restrant. wait in line half an hour to be seated wait anouther hour for you food to get finished then thers a milkshake fris dip and a one pound hamburger siting in front of you 15 minuts later your getting your pichure taken and planing to do it agin next week then you see the check and decide next pay day. or atleast that was my experince.
this is the place

Roland Emmerich was right

2010-02-13 13:54:37 by didly12

the movie the day after tomorrow was a warning think about it in the movie ther were natrul disasters and then evrything frove in real life ther was a big earth quake in hatie then we get a snow day in alabama. the world is coming to an end hury we must jump the border to mexico well be safe from the apocalyps ther all well have to wory about is geting muged killed dieing of a deiseis. ..... who wants to go to new york.