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Entry #58

who wants to here a drunk rant?!!>?!?!

2012-06-04 00:14:58 by didly12

so right now is my first time drinking honestly
i see whgy people do this now
and i see why its so hard to drink and drive in grand thesft auto
feeling the way i do right now i would never try driving home
and it gets alot easier to drink whiskey while your drunk!!!
also alot should be a word instead of having to write to words (a lot)
im also probably not that drunk considering im not really misspelling alot of words
i just punched my slef in the facxe and didnt feel anything
and why cant rustle crow fucking pronounce Kanye right!!!!!


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2012-06-04 01:02:30

lol, i have never drank either, and don't plan on in the future. Altough next year is my senior year, and there might be some instances, but what can you do. Dont drink too much, you can hurt yourself! :)

didly12 responds:

i really like the feeling
and i wont be doing it that often
i recomend doing it at somepoint in your life but i dont recomend doing it often
being in an altered state of mind isn't soothing you should do every day
but its nice to do if your just having a good time with friends


2012-06-04 05:39:32

Nonsense...drink ALL the time. UR not a man until you pass out and wake up in a hospital. Come to my page and fav me while ur still drunk.


2014-04-14 08:55:56

Lol that JoxskornerStudios01 dude was a fag I can't believe you used to hang with hi- Oh wait.